Biz Rhetoric's PitchTime


GCI’s PitchTime assists clients with developing and implementing successful sales system practices and standards that produce improved approaches to selling products and services for established and start-up businesses. The program establishes relationships and develops partnerships that directly benefit GCI’s Volunteering and Workplace Giving Campaigns. 

Current Industry Focus: Hospitality, Education, Non-Profit, Employment, & Retail

Part I-Examining the Sales Process

Part II-Products & Process, Facts & Stats

Part III-Getting to Know the Client

Part IV-Indicators of Success

Part V-Contacting/Interfacing with Clients & Buyers

Part VI-The Pitch & The Script

Part VII-Ask and You Shall…

Part VIII-Following Up

Part IX-Ongoing Professional Development

Pitch Time Motivational speeches are 1 ½ hours

Pitch Time Training Sessions are 2 hours for each Part, 20 hours total