Programs for Colleges & Universities


Professional Development

The GCI provides essential cultural competency  training and motivational speeches for university instructors, administrators, and classified staff.  The GCI Equity Talks Series is also available for students and others affiliated with the college or university.

The GCI has also developed leadership programs for future teachers, entrepreneurs, non-profit executives, and community organizers through our Learning & Leadership program. Click the link below to learn more about our teacher certification partnerships and tuition assistance program for teacher certification.  

Applied Learning for Students

Collegiate employees and volunteers immediately apply their current learning advances to a structured learning and leadership program focused on theory application and gaining real world experience.  Applied learning students learn to solve problems, advocate for community improvement, engage in civic and youth engagement, as well as facilitative leadership.  While all majors are encouraged to participate, education, political science, philosophy, marketing, and business (for profit or non-profit) majors have more paid opportunities for participation.  Contact a GCI representative today for more information on our paid or service learning opportunities.

Volunteering for the Youth Academy

College and university students are encouraged to volunteer for upcoming GCI Youth Academy programs.  Youth Academy programs are heavily focused on literacy, advocacy, service learning, and personal development.  Youth Academy volunteers are encouraged to volunteer for programs that are congruent with their main area of interest and program focus.  Volunteers may also provide administrative and fundraising support to the GCI Youth Academy programs and services.