GCI Forensics


The GCI facilitates a comprehensive forensic program that includes instruction in all genres speech and debate (Policy/Public Forum/Value Debate, Limited Prep, Public Address, and Dramatic Interpretation) for any level of forensic competitors. Individualized coaching is available for all aspects of preparation and competition, including coaching preparation for beginners. All GCI participants are eligible for financial competition bonuses and valuable extended program opportunities. 

The GCI Youth Academy provides opportunities for increasing literacy, leadership, and communication skills for all students regardless of their background. Contact us today for more programming information!



“Thanks for giving us our best chance even as beginners. We really couldn’t do this without you. Not only have you made us better debaters, you have also made us better people.” A.P. freshmen, Illinois College 

“Thank you for all your help. I never would have been ready for this first tournament without the camp and talking to you over Facetime. You have been really supportive throughout the entire process and I really appreciate it. Thank you again.” J.K. freshmen Illinois College 

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