GCI Programs


This program offers classes and activities that focus on writing, communication, research, personal development, leadership, and entrepreneurship.  Youth Academy participants also participate in Greenhouse Forensics, Applied Organizing, Biz Rhetoric, and Word Diversion.        


Youth and adult participants are urged to support and participate in the Championship Communication League and the Greenhouse Debate Forum.  It is our mission to bring this gift of intellect, self-empowerment, and effective communication to future leaders, struggling communities, and underfunded schools and colleges.     


Our staff is committed to continuing to support business leaders, educators, and students by connecting our mission with businesses and school districts. Learning & Leadership provides professional development services through programs such as the GCI's Equity Talks Series and Applied Leadership.


GCI prepares entrepreneurs for developing, acquiring, maintaining, and growing customers.  Our entrepreneur program emphasizes financial goal setting, timely rewards and assessments, corporate communication, financial literacy, budgeting for projects and personal use, small business accounting basics, how to pitch, how to plan, start-up basics, writing a business plan vs developing a business model.  


 Participants engage in several forms of advocacy: community education, facilitating training workshops, conducting issue specific research, interfacing with key legislators and stakeholders, and more. Our participants learn applied leadership skills, participating in the problem solving process by strategically engaging powers structures and positively building and changing systems of social, political, and economic influence. 

We utilize several organizing models to provide the framework and detail the variables that determine our approach to advocacy and organizing 


The GCI, Inc. utilizes performance poetry as a means for increasing basic and advanced academic skills, self-empowerment, social change, and community engagement.  The GCI, Inc. hosts performance assemblies and writing workshops through the GCI Youth Academy.