Youth Services 4th-12th Grade



This program offers classes and activities that focus on writing, communication, research, personal development, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Youth Academy participants also participate in  Greenhouse Forensics, Applied Organizing, Biz Rhetoric, and Word Diversion. 

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Volunteer and Employment opportunities are available!

Youth Academy Eligibility



Students grade 4th-12th are eligible for participation. Classes occur on campus during the day and after school. Programming is generally available six days a week, M-Sat. Participants complete four levels of participation during their enrollment. Each level of participation provides increased opportunities and benefits for learning, leadership, and employment. Participants earn participation stipends and receive financial bonuses for outstanding participation, program completion, or excellence in mentoring.



The GCI Youth Academy also offers best practice programs to incarcerated, supervised, post supervised, and high-risk youth ages 12-21. Word Diversion participants may participate in Greenhouse Forensics, Biz Rhetoric, Applied Organizing, or Learning & Leadership. Programming occurs within corrections institutions, court approved supervision sites, and on education campuses. Participants earn participation stipends and receive financial bonuses for outstanding participation, program completion, or excellence in leadership. Parents are encouraged to participate along with their children as much as possible. 



GCI’s Applied Organizing aims to improve the advocacy, organizational, administrative, and leadership skills of our participants and the communities in which they live and work.

 Seven Phases of instruction and projects develop the participant’s knowledge of critical issues affecting their daily lives. Constructive and organized community projects serve as real word Applied Organizing Laboratories focused on empowering community leaders and improving the lives of all citizens. 



The GCI facilitates a comprehensive forensic program that includes instruction in all genres speech and debate (Policy/Public Forum/Value Debate, Limited Prep, Public Address, and Dramatic Interpretation) for any level of forensic competitors. Individualized coaching is available for all aspects of preparation and competition, including coaching preparation for beginners.

 All GCI participants are eligible for financial competition bonuses and valuable extended program opportunities.


The GCI Youth Academy provides opportunities for increasing literacy, leadership, and communication skills for all students regardless of their background. Contact us today for more programming information!



GCI prepares entrepreneurs for developing, acquiring, maintaining, and growing customers.  Our entrepreneur program emphasizes financial goal setting, timely rewards and assessments, corporate communication, financial literacy, budgeting for projects and personal use, accounting basics, how to pitch, how to plan, start-up basics, writing a business plan vs developing a business model, understanding spending priorities, and more.