Applied Organizing



GCI’s Applied Organizing aims to improve the organizational, administrative, and leadership skills of our participants and the communities in which they live and work. Seven Phases of instruction and projects develop the participant’s knowledge of critical issues affecting their daily lives. Constructive and organized community projects serve as real word Applied Organizing Laboratories focused on empowering community leaders and improving the lives of all citizens. 

Participants engage in several forms of advocacy: community education, facilitating training workshops, conducting issue specific research, interfacing with key legislators and stakeholders, and more. Our participants learn applied leadership skills, participating in the problem solving process by strategically engaging powers structures and positively building and changing systems of social, political, and economic influence. We utilize Local Development, Social Planning, and Social Action organizing models to provide the framework and detail the variables that determine our approach to advocacy and organizing 

GCI’s Applied Organizing is only available to eligible community organizations and advanced (Level 3 & Up) GCI participants.

Applied Organizing training sessions range from a few weekends to several months 

Phase I Cultivating & Developing Leaders

Phase II Motivations & Personal Profiles

Phase III Working with the Public 

Phase IV Challenging the Process

Phase V Researching the Issues & Solving Problems

Phase VI Models for Direct Action

Phase VII Ethics, Morals, & Metrics

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