Services for Business Owners



Please contact us today if you are interested in volunteering for GCI programs. We offer volunteer opportunities for students, entrepreneurs, teachers, community organizers, civic organizations, businesses, and other professionals. The GCI offers applied learning through GCI’s Learning & Leadership, Word Diversion, the GCI Youth Academy, Applied Leadership for Entrepreneurs, and Biz Rhetoric. Our advisory board may be a great fit for you if you have expertise in one or more of our focus areas of writing, communication, research, leadership, or entrepreneurship, as well as fundraising, board development, or any relevant are of expertise and understanding. All volunteers must provide background information.

Workplace Giving

This November of 2018 we are launching our first Workplace Giving Campaign in our community for local businesses and their employees. Business owners and their employees are encouraged to donate and volunteer for programs that are related to their job, industry, or personal interest and moral imperatives. Employees and owners can donate at any level, generally twice per month. Workplace giving donations go directly to support programming unless otherwise specified.


Biz Rhetoric

GCI prepares entrepreneurs for developing, acquiring, maintaining, and growing customers in current or future business endeavors. The Biz Rhetoric program is a great path for developing entrepreneurs that are champions at searching, building, communicating, and executing on any project, for any organization, anywhere in the world.



GCI’s PitchTime assists clients with developing and implementing successful sales system practices and standards that produce improved approaches to selling products and services for established and start-up businesses. The program establishes relationships and develops partnerships that directly benefit GCI’s Volunteering and Workplace Giving Campaigns.