Learning & Leadership

A Program for Professionals


Our staff is committed to continuing to support educators and students by connecting our mission with school districts and colleges everywhere.  This program focuses on innovation and professional development by connecting our mission with schools, businesses, local governments, colleges/universities, non-profit organizations, and individual professionals to facilitate professional development training and events the globe. 

GCI offers several professional development programs, including, GCI’s Equity Talks Series and Applied Leadership. 

GCI's Latest Partnership with TEACH-NOW

The GCI, Inc. is excited to announce our latest collaboration with TEACH-NOW, in order to increase high-quality certified teachers in GCI programs and in schools around the globe!  

TEACH-NOW's five-star, 9-month certification program leads to a regular, renewable K-12 Teacher's license, earned through a collaborative, activities based virtual program that includes a student teaching experience.

TEACH-NOW also offers a dynamic 12-month Master's Degree Program, focusing on Research/Literacy or Globalization.

Use the link below to access the TEACH-NOW Home Page and begin the application process or contact the GCI, Inc. to learn about our Learning & Leadership Assistance Program exclusive to GCI affiliated incoming TEACH-NOW graduate students.