Founder's Note

The Greenhouse Communication Initiative (GCI) was formed for the purpose of providing charitable, educational, literary, scientific, and social services to local communities. Our mission as a recognized tax-exempt IRS 501c(3) organization is to develop and improve the writing, communication, research, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills of all people. 

Opportunity, Community, Understanding, Partnerships, and Service are the Core Values of the GCI, Inc. We are motivated by concrete moral imperatives to accomplish our mission, as our dreams become reality in a challenging and ever changing world.  


Stacy D. Bernaugh, Founder      

Founder's Bio


Stacy D. Bernaugh is the founder of the GCI, Inc. and the visionary behind the unique training and action path for professional, personal, and intellectual development. Mr. Bernaugh is the owner and founder of the for-profit companies, Pacific Fortuity Group, LLC and The Speech Polity. Stacy is also the founder of the Greenhouse Poetry, Inc. 

Stacy has facilitated dozens of professional development sessions, workshops, and featured at numerous conferences as a keynote speaker and presenter over the last 20 years. Stacy’s work has been featured on PBS’s Main Street, the Indianapolis Public Schools Television Network, and numerous other local news shows and cable outlets. Stacy also works as a political consultant, speechwriter, and editor. Stacy has been recognized by the U.S. House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, the State of Kentucky, and several local governments for outstanding forensics participation and charitable community service contributions. Stacy is a recipient of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award. 

Stacy has an Associate’s Degree in General Education with an emphasis in Political Science from Monterey Peninsula College and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Philosophy from Western Kentucky University. Prior to his education at Monterey Peninsula College and Western Kentucky University, Stacy worked as a Sales Associate, Auditor, Quality Analyst, Administrative Assistant, and Paralegal Assistant for companies such as AT&T, Lucent Technologies, McDonnell-Douglas, McGraw Hill, Altura Software’s Catalog City, and Kelly Services. 

Mr. Bernaugh enjoys reading, travel, watching documentaries, sports, and being a father to 6 year old Demetrius.