GCI's Equity Talks Series


The GCI’s Equity Talks Series is aimed at increasing fairness, understanding, and positive outcomes for clients and the organizations they represent. Our Equity Talks Series provides clients with equity related discussions, narratives, group, and individual activities focused on providing solutions and establishing frameworks for culturally competent training, standards, policies, procedures, products, and services that lead to outstanding outcomes for organizations and continued satisfaction for clients and customers. The series is designed specifically for businesses, education institutions, and non-profit organizations.

GCI's Definition of Equity


The GCI defines Equity as the active awareness, understanding, and implementation of policies, standards, and values that aim to achieve fairness within the organization’s polity of clients and employees through culturally competent corporate communication, standards, and methods of delivering equitable services and products to clients. Equitable policies, standards, and values are focused on eliminating structural and attitudinal barriers for satisfying and retaining clients and empowering leaders and staff. 

Equity Talks Goals



1. Increase the ability of the leader to achieve equity and increase positive employee, client, and customer outcomes by utilizing equitable action frameworks as a first step to delivering quality products and services 

2. Develop equitable criteria for corporate cultures, training methods, leadership goals, products, and services that increase our client’s ability to achieve success in communicating and delivering and/or develop and deliver superior products and services

3. Empowers employees to discuss how to better establish and accomplish organizational goals and adhere to workplace criteria and requirements in an environment that recognizes individual and cultural norms 

4. Increase the organization’s ability to communicate the best values and priorities in order to increase customer understanding and outcomes

5. For organizational leaders to create, implement, monitor, and evaluate equitable practices and deficiencies in organizational policies, values, processes, and corporate/organizational communication norms

Equity Reflections, Narratives, & Action Frameworks

Equity Talks is focused on improving organizational processes, interactions, and outcomes.  GCI staff guide clients through reflections and activities that foster understanding and increase cultural competency leading to improved internal policies and communication frameworks that retain clients and grow leaders. 

The GCI's Equity Talks Series includes five workshops, two hours each. Intermediate & Advanced workshops include:


Definitions & Equity Talks Agreements

Equity Reflections

Discussing Personal Narratives

Cultural Reframing

The Other Side of Equity Reflections Activity

Reinforcing Policies, Standards, and Values 

Quality Refreshments

Equity Journals

Certificate of Completion